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Digitize, automate and improve with Production Copilot

At Laplaces AI, our AI-powered solutions are designed to revolutionize the manufacturing industry. Our advanced technology combines robotics automation and artificial intelligence to deliver a wide range of capabilities that can transform your operations and drive efficiency. 

Production Digitization & Automation

All-in-one solution for your AI strategy

Choose the perfect components for your automation needs and let us handle the AI training and software


Robot + Vision


Vision Only


Laplaces AI
 Vision Only Automation

Laplaces AI
Robot + Vision Automation

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Customize for your needs 

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Full Integration

with Copilot

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Laplaces handles the rest

Customize Your Production Copilot for Your Unique Application


We understand that every automation project is unique. That's why we offer a diverse range of robots and sensors to ensure that no application is out of reach. With our flexible solutions, you can build your Production Copilot to perfectly fit your specific needs.

Case Studies

Learn how others in industry uses Laplaces AI to succeed

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