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What our AI can do

At Laplaces AI, our AI-powered solutions are designed to revolutionize the manufacturing industry. Our technology applies the latest advancements in artificial intelligence to deliver a wide range of capabilities that can transform your operations and drive efficiency. Explore the use cases below to discover how our AI can empower your business.

Copilot AI - Your Production Assistant

Copilot AI is able to interpret, summarize, and combine the diverse landscape of data that exists throughout your production facility, and deliver the appropriate content to the question provided at all levels of roles, whether it is operational supervisors, quality managers, management, process engineers, or maintenance leads.


For Production Supervisors

Ask Copilot to quickly get an overview of the entire production line. Save time from monitoring dashboard and surveying in-person.

"What is the current status of the production line?"

"How many units of this product have been processed today?"

"Is the production rate meeting today's target?"


For Plant Managers

Use Copilot to generate reports for trends over time, find and address areas of concern, and discover new avenues of improvement.

"Report the areas of the line with the most downtime"

"What is the overall equipment effectiveness for this month?"

"What process step has the lowest yield rate?"


For Maintenance/Engineers

Have Copilot act as an virtual "double" that can disseminate expert knowledge on equipment troubleshooting and process knowledge.

"What does this indication light pattern mean for this machine?"

"What are the steps to resolve this alarm on the machine?"

"Generate a report on the troubleshooting performed today."


For Quality Managers

Explore production data with Copilot to identify and trace instances where quality falls below standard, and where process was not followed.

"How many inspections were performed? Any non-conformities?"

"Was quality inspection done for the current production run?"

"What is the first-pass yield? How did it compare to target?"


For Continuous Improvement

Six Sigma black belt practitioners can consult Copilot to assist in brainstorming and applying the best practices for continuous improvement.

"From this data, where should I start for root cause analysis?"

"What are some possible steps to improve this process?"

"Which factors contribute the most to process variation?"

Production Digitization & Automation

All-in-one solution for your AI strategy

Accelerate your automation and digitization efforts for your production line - Laplaces AI provides an all-in-one software service for integrating vision and robotics applications to your production process. Plus, it's fully compatible with Copilot, so you can experience the full benefit of AI-powered production.

Screenshot 2023-06-05 at 2.09.28 PM.png

Robotics Automation

Integrated robot hand-eye coordination allow for a rapid deployment of robotics automation for physical production tasks, for immediate value in cost-saving, consistency, and reliability.

Screenshot 2023-06-03 at 5.50.20 PM.png

Quality Inspection

Precise inspection of each item moving across the production line allows you to monitor and ensure that your production line delivers only the best products at the expected level of quality


Multiclass Detection

Identify, locate, and count different types of products on your production line, and tailor custom contextual rules to trigger specific events relayed via onboard IOs, notification alerts.

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Line Digitization

Modernize your production process and empower your decisions via our Production Copilot. Observe and trace back trends to identify issues and improve onsite processes.

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